QueWeb Platform is designed for the legacy CRM conversions from outdated client-server systems to the modern, cloud-based and feature-rich Customer Care solution.

Breath a new life in your CRM while extending your legacy investment!

QueWeb OSS

Feature-rich open source edition of the QueWeb Customer Care, distributed under the Mozilla license and based on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and MySQL database engine.

QueWeb Enterprise

Enterpise version of
QueWeb CRM. The the most complete version of QueWeb Platform packed with numerous enterprise features, support for variety application servers and database engines. Includes the legacy conversion from a variety of legacy customized CRM systems: Vantive, Siebel, Quintus, PeopleSoft and others.


Most versatile, economical and maintenance-free deployment version of QueWeb platform. Our experienced engineering and support team takes care of all aspects of the running the system, from backup to automatic version updates and adding or removing execution resources based on the actual system utilization.

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